Future Tech Podcast: The Power of Film and Storytelling: Transporting To New Worlds, Inspiring New Passions—Shaun MacGillivray—MacGillivray Freeman

Imagine an experience so immersive it truly feels like you’ve been transported to another world or transformed to fit the mold of a flying bird, your seat moving in tandem with the visual experience, your feet hanging in mid-air. Imagine being able to conveniently access such an experience with the whole family, leaving with a newfound sense of insight, motivation, inspiration, and appreciation for life.

This is exactly the type of experience MacGillivray Freeman, the family filmmaking company based out of Laguna Beach, CA, aims to provide for as many people as possible. “We are really good storytellers and that’s what we pride ourselves on, so being able to have something that is not only really cool and immersive but also emotional and inspirational, we strive for,” says Shaun MacGillivray, president of MacGillivray Freeman. He goes on to explain the impressive and important impacts of their films. For example, by partnering with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Coca-Cola in a text-to-donate campaign inspired by their film To The Arctic, four million dollars were donated for a protected place for polar bears.


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