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countries, kings, superstars and iconic brands.

We are collaborators.

Together with a wide range of corporate, nonprofit, celebrity and media partners, we make the world a better place—one story at a time.

  • The history of MacGillivray Freeman Films has always been one of collaboration, and together—partners, sponsors, film and marketing specialists, as well as the museum directors and education staffs—we all do our best to make and present films that aim to make a difference in people’s lives and the world.

    Greg MacGillivray
    Greg MacGillivrayMacGillivray Freeman Films

Big names.

Our stories aren’t complete without a compelling voice and the right music. We work with the best-in-class talent of the entertainment industry.

We hold relationships with hundreds of celebrities and musicians. These world-renowned artists become authentic brand ambassadors throughout each campaign, captivating audiences worldwide through our films and other engagement opportunities including premieres, concerts, soundtracks, press appearances, behind-the-scenes content, and more. See what this A-list talent has to say about working with MacGillivray Freeman Films.

Artists we’ve worked with:

  • Dave Matthews Band
    Dave Matthews Band
    • Helen Mirren
      Helen Mirren
      • Liam Neeson
        Liam Neeson
        • Meryl Streep
          Meryl Streep
          • Morgan Freeman
            Morgan Freeman
            • Paul McCartney
              Paul McCartney
              • Robert Redford
                Robert Redford
                • Sting
                  • For Kohler, the Grand Canyon Adventure Film project went way beyond our expectations.

                    Shane JuddCommercial Product Manager, Kohler Co.
                  • Everest was an opportunity for us as a corporation to be unique and differentiate ourselves in a way that reaches masses of people. It's an uplifting film that mirrors our corporate philosophy and we're excited to be associated with it.

                    John Rileyformer Director of Communications, Malden Mills
                  • [Everest was] absolutely fabulous—the best promotional vehicle in the outdoor retail industry... 

                    Jeff Bowman
                    Jeff Bowmanformer Director of Marketing, Malden Mills (makers of Polartec®)
                  • To Fly! has been the single most successful public relations decision in the history of Conoco. 

                    Ralph Bailey
                    Ralph Baileyformer Chairman and CEO, Continental Oil Company

                  Top brands.

                  We recognize the power of partnering with companies who are doing amazing work. At the core of our long-term success are strong and innovative partnerships with a wide range of the world’s leading brands.

                  Partnership is about more than just logo exposure—we work closely with our partners to tailor custom sponsorship programs and benefits. We collaborate with our partners from start to finish to build an entire partnership strategy, one that incorporates unique branding opportunities, advertising exposure, PR, local promotions, and client events. The result: A holistic film campaign that reaches target audiences on an emotional level, building brand loyalty in the most powerful way.

                  Previous partners include:

                  Partners in learning.

                  We enjoy an impeccable relationship with hundreds of the world’s science, space and natural history institutions in some 32 countries. Approximately 85% of the billion dollars our films have earned at the box office have stayed in the museum theatres to help them advance their educational missions.


                  Among the many we’ve worked with:

                  Cause-based projects.

                  Through entertaining, enriching stories, we often seek to highlight a particular cause or trigger a needed action, amplifying the voice of organizations that do good in the world.


                  Nonprofit and NGO partners:

                  Dream films.

                  MacGillivray Freeman Films frequently works side-by-side with other production companies and investors to bring their vision to the largest screens in the world (or the smallest handheld device!).


                  Organizations that have trusted us with their dream film:

                  Let’s work together.

                  We believe that strategic, unique partnerships are the key to making a measurable and lasting impact. Let us tell your story.