We are storytellers,

capturing hearts and minds across continents and cultures.

Engaging audiences everywhere.

We’re best known for our giant-screen films, but our storytelling goes far beyond the theatre. New media means new ways for us to share stories, reaching audiences on all platforms, from IMAX to iPhone.


With $1billion at the box office, over 40 films produced, two Academy Award nominations, and the highest-grossing documentary of all time, our record in delivering successful films speaks for itself. Download our filmography.

We create films for all audiences, within all budgets. We work with large and small companies, museums and tourism boards, non-profits and NGOs, and foundations and associations.

Do you have a story to tell? Let’s work together.

IMAX & Giant-Screen Films

We were pioneers of the IMAX format in 1976 with To Fly!, which still plays at the Smithsonian to this day. Since then, MacGillivray Freeman has made 40 giant-screen films in some of the most exotic, challenging locations on Earth, continuing to push the limits of the giant-screen experience.

We are the world’s leading giant-screen producer and distributor—we’ve won with more awards for creativity and marketing than any other in the industry.

Learn more about our expertise in crafting films for the giant screen.


Today’s television viewers demand the type of high-quality content historically relegated to the big screen. We can deliver.

Our latest adventure, America. The Beautiful., which aired on the Travel Channel, takes viewers to some of America’s most beloved National Parks like Yosemite, Canyonlands, Virgin Islands, Crater Lake and Yellowstone in a way that only MacGillivray Freeman can. Audiences will experience these vast and iconic landscapes like never before on television through first-person exploration, adrenaline-pumping adventures and once-in-a-lifetime happenings.


We integrate connected, digital experiences into everything we do. With cutting-edge cameras at our disposal and a diversified team of new media experts, we create holistic, multi-platform marketing campaigns around each story we tell.

In just one week, our Mission Aquarius campaign generated 500 million media impressions, 300 unique news stories, and saved the world’s last remaining undersea research station.

Multimedia Content & Speaking Engagements

As pioneers of the IMAX format, we are experts in visual storytelling—and with over 50-years experience producing the world’s leading IMAX and giant-screen films, we know the value dynamic and immersive visuals add to any multimedia experience.

From keynote addresses to product launches to conferences and expositions, we craft vibrant multimedia content for large or multi-screen displays that is guaranteed to make a big—and lasting—impact on your audience.

Want to hear more from our storytelling experts?

Greg and Shaun MacGillivray are renowned storytellers who have captured the hearts and minds of audiences across continents and cultures through their visually immersive and emotionally powerful films. Their passion for, and expertise in, visual storytelling make them compelling speakers skilled at motivating audiences to action.


If you’d like to book Greg or Shaun for a speaking engagement, please contact contact@macfreefilms.com or 949-494-1055.

Tailor-made campaigns.

We find the stories that connect people to brands, and cause lasting changes in behaviors and attitudes.

We are skilled marketers with a wide range of experience in PR, design, digital/social media, sponsorship and more. We amplify the reach and impact of individual stories by developing and executing innovative, holistic marketing campaigns and communication strategies. We collaborate with our clients from start to finish to create an end product they love that reaches target audiences on an emotional level.

  • “The deep collaboration with MacGillivray Freeman Films and Brand USA empowered us to further connect the film to Expedia Group’s online travel platform, while also raising awareness for U.S. National Parks and helping to grow America’s share of the global travel market.”

    Krista Bentley
    Krista BentleyStrategic Accounts Director, Expedia Group
  • “National Parks Adventure will continue to be a major influence on global audiences and their intent to visit the USA. There is no more immersive or inspirational marketing platform than Giant Screen films, and no better or more effective filmmaker than MacGillivray Freeman Films.”

    Tom Garzilli
    Tom GarzilliCMO, Brand USA
  • “There couldn’t have been a more immersive or inspirational platform than the giant screen to tell our story and there couldn’t have been a better partner to work with to tell this story than MacGillivray Freeman Films.”

    Jane Howell Lombardi
    Jane Howell LombardiChief Communications Director, ASCE

Case Studies

Distribution specialists.

With a library of over 35 films of the highest quality, long-standing relationships with the world’s 250 leading IMAX theatres, and more marketing awards than any other distributor in the industry, we are the leading distributor in the giant-screen business.

  • The relationships MacGillivray Freeman has with the theaters in which they serve is not only inspirational, it’s very meaningful, very real and very transparent. If you spend time with Greg, Shaun, or with anyone at MacGillivray Freeman Films, you’re sold. They’re out there to make a difference and that is exactly what we are trying to do as well.

    Amanda BennettDirector of Marketing, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • We have booked a MacGillivray Freeman Film without even seeing the final product. I don’t do that with any other distributor. I know what I’m going to get, and it’s something I can depend on, and it’s something that will be of quality that I’m proud to show it in my science center. I mean, they’re a brand, they’re a brand themselves.

    Joe DeAmicisVice President of Marketing, California Science Center, Los Angeles

Lasting impact.

Our goal is to catalyze learning beyond the screen, inspiring new generations to be active citizens and stewards of their planet.

We use the power of great storytelling and stunning imagery to spark lasting changes in behaviors and attitudes.

Our work is of the highest educational quality and has a proven impact on the way people think, feel and act.

Our films are paired with award-winning educational programs that expand on the themes and issues presented in each film.

Stock footage.

Our film library is comprised of more than 45 productions and countless media projects, featuring thousands of hours of the highest quality stand-alone footage and images, captured from exotic locations on every continent and under the sea. We have stock footage to match every need.

Storytelling. It’s what we do.

From giant-screen films to TV series to multimedia campaigns, there are many ways we can work together. So let’s get started.