Marbles Kids Museum Opens “Into America’s Wild” With Outdoor Adventures

As museums and theatres reopen their doors after COVID-19 shutdowns, they have found creative ways encourage audiences to return by showcasing the immersive and educational experiences that films and related programming offer, all while reassuring guests that they prioritize their safety.

Into America’s Wild opened in limited theatres in February 2020 and now, more than ever, delivers what audiences are craving—the chance to travel to beautiful new places and experience in the splendor of nature’s wonders.

Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh went wild with nature programming when they opened the film in June to accompany their museum programming dedicated to the great outdoors. Visitors could experience pretend play on a nature walk or a kayak scooter course with animal sighting signs, art projects like nature rubbings, animal track stamps, wild water painting or backpack bling, real tools in their maker space inspired by rafting and hiking, nature books, a listening station where visitors could guess the “calls” of nature and much more. Take a Live Look In with Learning Experience Developer Evan Cooper to see all that the offer, and maybe have a little FOMO that April gets to hang out with her friends in the Roaring Rapids!

In order to expand the reach of the film and their programming, the museum also partnered with local outdoor organizations to host a whole Nature Day on June 12th. Visitors could meet animal ambassadors Apollo the Owl, Miracle the Dove, Shelly the Turtle and Kellog the Corn Snake from Piedmont Wildlife Center, learn the basics of rock climbing with Triangle Rock Club, explore how nature makes you feel with South Wake Conservationists and discover what it’s like to be a park ranger with North Carolina State Parks and Recreation. During their nature day, they shared all of these fun moments on their Instagram stories and called out showtimes for Into America’s Wild.

The following week, astronaut John Herrington flew himself to Raleigh (the benefits of film stars that are pilots!) to promote the film. He spoke on the morning talk show, My Carolina, about the film and his experience on the Endeavor. He then popped on a Facebook Live with Evan and hosted a screening of the film and a Q&A with K-5 campers. “John was amazing and the footage Evan got was great. All of Team Marbles was excited to meet him and he was a pleasure to work with,” said Britt Thomas, VP of Community. “Definitely our most exciting IMAX day since reopening after the pandemic!!”

Marbles also does double duty promoting their films on social media with individual accounts both for the museum and their IMAX theatre. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, they cover their @MarblesIMAX and @MarblesRaleigh accounts with film branded posts from MFF’s Into America’s Wild social media toolkit including using the trailer and other behind the scenes, character and fun fact videos with countdown photos, fun fact images, critic quote images, and fun .gifs and memes.  Marbles took advantage of Instagram stories to share fun posts, giveaway contests and live moments from their opening events.

The film will continue to show throughout the year and is delivering the nature and travel fix we are all craving!

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