Washington Post: Imax, other large-format science films shown in museums are available for home viewing

There’s no boredom buster like a trip to a science museum. After a tour of the exhibits and a large-format film on a massive Imax screen, discontentment can be held at bay for yet another day.

Which makes coronavirus-related shutdowns even more agonizing. Museums of all stripes, and the large-format films that can come along with the educational package, are closed — and boredom is setting in.

But your laptop or television is probably very open for business — and at least two of the studios specializing in large-format films shown in museums offer them for smaller screens, too.

MacGillivray Freeman, a film studio that got its start making surf documentaries, has since shifted its focus to educational Imax films. It has a collection of films for rent on screening services such as Amazon and Vimeo, including “National Parks Adventure,” a Robert Redford-narrated film that serves up mouthwatering views of America’s protected national wonders, and “Dream Big,” which celebrates engineering and innovation and is narrated by Jeff Bridges.


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