The Deseret News: Quibi, TikTok and the impact of short-form video

Caleb Hearon has a story for you. It’s about Jonathan, who works in marketing. He can’t keep it quiet. So he decides to FaceTime you. He holds his phone up to his face and begins to chat with you about it. The story goes on for two minutes before it cuts out.

But Hearon didn’t tell you this story over FaceTime at all. Rather, he filmed himself talking to the camera and posted it on Twitter with a caption that instructed you to watch it as if he is FaceTiming you.

Hearon has shared little bites of this same story over a couple of months. In one snippet, he bemoaned how he had to go to an art show. In another, he rolled his eyes after his car broke down. He sighed as he recounted his time at a hospital. He preached about attending church. All of these little moments were shared over nearly a dozen two-minute videos.


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