AdWeek: How Doc Storytelling and Brand Partnerships Have Shifted

The challenge

Now more than ever, consumers want brands to be upfront, inclusive and purpose-driven. They are much more interested in the actions and promises behind a brand, rather than just the brand name itself, and they want an authentic identity.

The process

Many brands are challenging themselves to find their identity and communicate that to audiences in an organic way, especially with all the changes 2020 has brought about.

In the last year, companies have changed the way they’re identifying themselves and positioning that identity to their audiences and prospective customers; the goal isn’t as focused on exposure as it’s concentrated on bringing out the most authentic and truthful brand values. This has impacted the way we approach and pitch brands we’d like to partner with, as we dive deeper into which parts of the brand story deserve to be explored deeper, and what aspects of that story are the most interesting for a larger consumer audience.


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