AdWeek: How to Build Better Partnerships in a Changing World

The challenge

Covid-19 put a stop to in-person meetings and gatherings, which were helpful for establishing the personal touch and connection that’s so important with partnerships. Now that restrictions are beginning to lift, will we start to see fewer virtual meetings and more in-person get-togethers?

The process

I’ve experienced a lot of new communication patterns since the pandemic first hit, and the shift in connection is something I feel will forever change how we communicate. Almost every single one of my meetings has been conducted using Zoom or another video call platform, which helped me establish more personal connections by being able to see a person’s face rather than just speaking to them over the phone. The idea of getting to know potential business partners using visual communications will become a key asset that people all around the world will continue to use.

Additionally, business travel used to take up a majority of my time, but now I see people starting to think more strategically. Less travel equals less cost and less time on the road, equating to more time for virtual meetings and calls. The pandemic has proven to us that in-person meetings are not needed to establish solid and beneficial work partnerships. Remote work has also changed company culture, with many companies, including our own, turning to a mostly work-from-home atmosphere—which I don’t see changing any time soon.


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