LIVE Interview with Greg MacGillivray

Tune in this Friday, April 3 at 12:00pm PST for a LIVE interview with MacGillivray Freeman’s own Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Greg MacGillivray on YouTube Live. Greg will be interviewed by Lea Silver from IMAX Victoria as part of their “IMAX Victoria Live” interview series. Since the 1976 production of his first IMAX film To Fly!, Greg has produced some of the most enduring films in the giant-screen genre including Everest, National Parks Adventure, To The Arctic, America’s Musical Journey, Humpback Whales, The Living Sea and many more. Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear what Greg’s working on now!

YouTube Live link: Click here

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  • VernonHew

    Pair charged over mine protest

    BHP Billiton chief executive, Greg Parker, had earlier called on the company and the federal government to work together “to address climate disruption”.

    Mr Parker told the Sydney Morning Herald it was “extraordinarily disappointing” the protest was over coal seam gas, which is not permitted under a National Priorities Act decision.

    “I’d never made that call, although in the course of our conversation one of our senior executives said to me that that was the reason the protest went down as it did,” Mr Parker said.

    “The protest will go ahead, but it will be with a different approach.”

    He also questioned the wisdom of the protest and its timing, pointing to comments from the opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull, who claimed more than a third of Australians believed climate change was caused primarily by human activity.

    “They’re not stupid. There’s not a lot they can do about it,” Mr Parker said.

    “It’s the nature of climate change. It’s the way that there’s been that kind of steady advance of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide.

    “As you have seen over the last few decades there has been a steady decline in the uptake of energy from those emissions.”

    Mr Turnbull, in Melbourne, has previously called on the federal government to approve the development of the controversial Galilee project, after the company proposed it without taking into consideration the community’s concerns.

    “That’s why the Australian government and the federal government should look after all that is currently going on there,” he said.

    “It was really quite a strange protest for me to read something that was the result of two people having a very frank talk, rather than some sort of grand ideological exercise where someone was saying to another person ‘well that’s it, you’re not getting that and you should go back to the drawing board’.”

    The company released a statement saying it “condemns any attempt to cause offence and will continue to work with government to advance our shared objective of increasing carbon emissions.”

    Topics: mining-industry, environmental-management, environment, federal-government, community-and-society, state-parliament, states-and-territories, melbourne-3000, australia

    First posted

    Farm group seeks more rural water scheme funds under government’s new rural development ministry


    For the third time in the past 12 months, rural Australia’s biggest agricultural producers have appealed to the new Rural Development Minister to ensure they can receive up to $500,000 over four years to set up a rural water scheme.

    The decision comes amid growing uncertainty about whether the government’s farm funding will meet future demand.

    The small-scale farmers will be able to use the funds to supply water, food and other services to a range of places in rural Australia, but they will only do so under a new government program that runs from July 2018 until July 2020.

    Small-scale farmers on Monday issued a request for information after receiving written assurances from the Rural Development Minister, Rob Oakeshott.

    Mr Oakeshott said on Sunday that the scheme was only intended for a limited number of applications from smaller rural businesses, but he was prepared to make further commitments at a later stage.

    “The scheme will be open to all small farming businesses who wish to provide water, food and other services to communities,” he said in a statement.

    “Small-scale farmers are a crucial part of Australia’s rural communities, and this Government will continue to ensure that farmers are given opportunities to create and develop new businesses in the same way we support people in many rural communities, especially small business.”

    In their request for information, the small-scale farmers appealed to help set up a rural water scheme based on the water use and usage policy that was put in place in 2017.

    They asked the minister to set aside a new $5 million to fund the scheme that would be funded by water from rural water catchments in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

    That money would be provided by the agriculture and aquaculture department and would need to be made available after July next year.

    It would then be returned to the farmers in the event of any changes in water management or distribution.

    Large-scale farmers will also be allowed to apply to the scheme if they have less than 500 hectares of land and would face pressure to find additional groundwater supplies for their plants.

    Topics: water-management, government-and-politics, rural, melbourne-3000, brisbane-4000, qld

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