Into America’s Wild Premieres at the Smithsonian!

Calling all trailblazers! Into America’s Wild had its official send-off last week in the nation’s capital at the world premiere hosted by the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, film sponsor Brand USA and MacGillivray Freeman Films. Viewers were entertained with behind-the-scenes stories from director Greg MacGillivray, producer Shaun MacGillivray and film stars John Herrington, Ariel Tweto, Jennifer Pharr Davis, Emma Faye Rudkin, and Paul Rogers. Starting February 14, Into America’s Wild will begin its global roll-out to cities around the world as it celebrates America’s hidden natural wonders and the joy and wonder of spending time in nature.

Into America's Wild - Featurette

Morgan Freeman Loves the Giant Screen Format

Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman is one of America’s most iconic and beloved artists. We were thrilled to work with him a second time as the voice of Into America’s Wild, following his superb performance in America’s Musical Journey. This time we also caught the celebrated actor on camera! Hear what he has to say about the unique qualities that make giant screen films so special.

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John, Ariel and Jennifer Are Inspiring Audiences

Film stars John Herrington, Ariel Tweto and Jennifer Pharr Davis love to share their passion for connecting people with experiences in the wild. After a stop in Washington DC for media interviews, they are now planning visits to more than a dozen cities where they’ll inspire audiences with their tales of time spent in the wild. Let us know if you’d like to host one of them at your film launch.

Watch their interview on “Good Morning Washington“.

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Celebrating Two Native American Trailblazers

As two pioneering trailblazers of Native American descent (who are both pilots), John and Ariel share a special connection. They were recently celebrated as special guests at a moderated Q&A event hosted by the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian. They shared insight into the spark that led them to follow their career paths and how their time in nature during the filming of Into America’s Wild provided an opportunity to connect with their Native American heritage.

Watch their conversation.

Into America's Wild, IAW, Into Nature's Wild, INW, nature, documentary, MacGillivray Freeman Films, Ariel Tweto, John Herrington, Jennifer Pharr Davis, exploration, Smithsonian

People Are Talking!

Our media tour is just getting started, and already the film has received some great press coverage in Sunset Magazine, Westways, Orange Coast and Coast Magazine. Journalists are applauding the film’s stunning visuals and inspiring storyline about the value of time spent in the wild.

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About the Film

Into America’s Wild takes audiences on a cross-country adventure into the hidden wonders of the natural world. A non-stop ride by kayak, bike, train, hot air balloon, zipline and more, Into America’s Wild visits some of the most beautiful but little-known landscapes of North America, from the wilds of Alaska and the lush coastline of Oregon to the ancient canyons of the Southwest and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Trail. Setting out on this journey are three trailblazers – pioneering astronaut John Herrington, Alaskan pilot and youth advocate Ariel Tweto, and record-breaking long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis – who share a passion for connecting people to experiences in the wild. As they wind their way through the scenic byways, ancient homelands, secret gems and hidden trails of America, viewers will discover the special human connection we all share with the natural world.

Our “wild at heart” sales team looks forward to talking with you about bringing the film to your theater!

Patty Collins, Director of Global Sales
Chip Bartlett, Director of Distribution Media

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