MacGillivray Freeman Films served as creative consultant on the giant-screen documentary Van Gogh: Brush With Genius. The film retraces the artist’s journey from the time of his first canvases at the age of 27 to his death in 1890—a short 9-year period during which he painted more than 900 paintings. Seen for the first time with the full force of the immersive IMAX film format, Van Gogh’s extraordinary colors and passionate brushwork take on new life in this experiential journey. Audiences will relive Van Gogh’s life through his letters, visit the landscapes that inspired him, and discover a Van Gogh they never knew before. From the dazzling yellow of van Gogh’s cornfields to the deep blue of his famous night sky, the vibrant palette of one of the world’s most dazzling painters lights up the giant screen.

Co-produced by Caméra Lucida and La Géode Productions

A MacGillivray Freeman Films release

Directed and produced by François Bertrand

Runtime: 39 minutes

Format: filmed in 15 perforation/70 mm

Honors and Reviews
  • Grand Prix Award – 2009 La Géode Film Festival
  • Best Film of the Year, Short Subject, Best Film For Lifelong Learning and Best Original Score – 2009 Giant Screen Theatre Association Achievement Awards

“[Van Gogh] provides the visceral thrill of seeing numerous masterworks by a painter in visually dazzling fashion…it’s a wonder that no one thought to showcase them in this cinematic manner before now.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“…the comparison between the painted and celluloid-caught landscapes becomes truly breathtaking in IMAX…”
– Daily Variety

“A priceless resource for any teacher interested in giving students insight into the part that passion and determination play in art or any other endeavor.”
– The Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO

Van Gogh: Brush with Genius humanizes the prolific artist…the large screen format is particularly effective when the camera meticulously explores Van Gogh’s paintings, revealing frenetic brush strokes and vibrant colors…a visually transformative process that piques the imagination.”
– St Louis Post-Dispatch, Saint Louis, MO

Seeing is believing.

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