Inspired by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Daniel J. Boorstin’s best-selling book, The Discoverers explores our desire to extend the boundaries of knowledge. The film portrays this human passion by juxtaposing historic discoveries with exciting scientific discoveries being made today. Stand alongside Sir Isaac Newton in his lab in England, then travel to the present to observe Dr. Louis Herman working with his very cerebral dolphins in Hawaii. Filmed in locations around the world—from Europe to the southern tip of South America to Alaska’s wilderness—The Discoverers reveals the passionate spirit of the explorers and scientists who challenge the unknown, hoping to inspire the pursuit of knowledge within each viewer.

A revolutionary lightweight 15-perf/70mm camera was designed by MacGillivray Freeman to bring audiences closer to the discovery experience. For the first time in the big screen format, a camera could be attached to a Steadicam, which was strapped onto a camera operator so he could move freely with characters in each scene.

Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films in association with the Reuben H. Fleet Theater and Science Center, San Diego. SEM Les Production La Geode, Paris and EXPO ’92 – Seville

Release date: 1993

Runtime: 39 minutes

Format: filmed in 15 perforation/70 mm

Honors and Reviews

“The transitions from one discovery to another are handled with grace and imagination…The visuals, which include computer graphics developed from the exploration of Venus by the Magellan spacecraft, are consistently striking.”
– The Courier Journal, Louisville

The Discoverers has enough eye-popping flying sequences across mountains and canyons to satisfy a primal fantasy urge in moviegoers of all ages…it makes you aware of why you first liked movies as a kid.”
– Los Angeles Times

  • Golden Eagle Award – Cine Golden Eagle
  • Gold Award (Theatre Presentations) and nominated for Best Of Festival – The Chicago U.S. International Film & Video Festival
  • Silver Award (New Media/Interactive) for The Discoverers CD-ROM, created by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. – 2007 Worldfest – Houston International Independent Film & Video Festival

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