A Film About the Medical Innovations that are Saving Human Lives

Superhuman Body: World of Medical Marvels (working title) takes audiences inside the incredible breakthroughs in science and bioengineering that are revolutionizing human health. Told through the inspiring stories of the researchers, doctors, scientists and patients behind these medical breakthroughs, Superhuman Body focuses on three specific stories about how the body works – and how science and technology helps us to intervene when things go wrong. Combining CGI with live action cinematography, Superhuman Body will inspire a new generation of young people to engage in STEM careers as it celebrates these medical technologies that are saving human lives.

Superhuman Body is a MacGillivray Freeman film presented by Edwards Lifesciences and Kenneth C. Griffin with support from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Broad Institute, Lilly Foundation, RK Mellon, Biogen, Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Monell Foundation and Silicon Valley Bank.

Release date: February 2024

Runtime: 40 minutes

Format: 2D and 3D, IMAX Digital, DCI-compliant Digital, D3D/Christie Cinedome, ESX Dome, Fulldome Digital,

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