Originally produced for the AutoWorld Theme Park in Flint, Michigan.

A look at the role of speed in man’s life from the dawn of time to the farthest reaches of the conceivable future, Speed introduces us to daredevils—racers, test pilots, astronauts—the people who live and breathe speed on the frontier of human capabilities. But at the heart of this film is a thoughtful, soft-spoken man, known not for the speed at which he traveled, but for his imagination. Albert Einstein enlarged the frontiers of human potential when he dreamed of traveling at the speed of light and then described for us what its effects might be. His words and his philosophy guide us on this exploration of speed in the modern era. Also a first, the film was released with a special “sonic boom” sound track which, when combined with large speakers and amplifiers, produces an enhanced low-end vibration that can literally shake the audience.

Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films

Narrated by James Burke

Release date: 1984

Runtime: 33 minutes

Format: filmed in 15 perforation/70 mm, 8/70, Dome-customized 15/70

Where to Watch

Stream the full film on Movies for Families

Stream educational screenings through Kanopy

The Speed DVD Includes two discs: one regular DVD and one WMV HD* disc.
*WMV HD (Windows Media High Definition Video) delivers our giant screen film’s breathtaking photography at approximately 6x the resolution of a conventional DVD.

Honors and Reviews

Speed will knock your socks off! The big screen effect is electric. You’ll find yourself leaning into the turns, grabbing onto your chair. You may literally be dizzy.”
– John Corcoran, KABC-TV, Los Angeles

“AutoWorld’s most spectacular attraction is its film extravaganza, Speed. The beautifully photographed film engulfs and overwhelms, progressing to a sizzling special effect simulation of travel at the speed of light.”
– The Detroit News

“…intelligently entertaining.”
– Los Angeles Times

“From its sweeping panoramas to its spectacular rides on land and in the air, from its computer-animated special effects to its six-track digital sound system, Speed literally took my breath away for 33 non-stop minutes…Speed literally blew me away.”
– The Flint Journal

  • Voted the top attraction by a 5 to 1 margin at the AutoWorld Theme Park in Flint, Michigan, for which it was originally produced
  • Special recognition from Filmex, the Los Angeles Film Exposition Committee, and from the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers
  • Gold Award (New Media/Interactive) – CD-ROM, created by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. – Worldfest-Houston International Independent Film & Video Festival
  • Speed was the first IMAX Theatre film to be converted to a CD-ROM program

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