Cities of the Future

Experience the Future on the Giant Screen in October 2023

Imagine stepping 50 years into the future and finding smart cities designed to be totally sustainable.  Renewable energy is our primary power source, space-based solar power provides solar energy 24 hours a day, everything is recycled, and you have your own individualized pods that run on maglev trains using little or no energy. You can also ride an electric flying vehicle! Traffic jams are a thing of the past. This isn’t science fiction.  Engineers are making plans for a sustainable world right now. And it’s coming to the giant screen!  Cities of the Future is an exciting, interactive experience produced by the same team that produced Dream Big with support from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

From MacGillivray Freeman Films and the American Society of Civil Engineers, the award-winning team that brought you Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Release date: October 2023

Runtime: 40 minutes

Format: DCI compliant digital, IMAX digital, Dome-customized digital

Seeing is believing.

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