Get up close with these cuddly creatures in 2023

Koala is a narrative of nature and nurture, passed from generation to generation, from scientific experts to volunteers, and from the smallest of communities to a global network of supporters. All bound together by their love for one of our cutest, cuddliest marsupials. Koala unfolds on the southern edge of an island continent, where ancient rainforests meet vast ocean. The story began millions of years ago and it has no end. Meet Lizzie Corke, her family, and her team as they pioneer innovative ways to protect and regenerate wild koala habitats. Learn about “cool burning,” wildlife rescue, and revegetation programs. Step in the paw prints of detector dogs trained to find endangered koalas in the landscape and understand how new science is bringing new hope through koala microbiome research. Can a community make a real difference? Maybe not one community, but when a band of communities join forces, they can change the world. Koala is their story.

Produced and directed by Stephen Amezdroz. Presented by MacGillivray Freeman Films.

Release date: 2023

Runtime: 40 minutes

Format: 15/70mm, DCI compliant digital, IMAX digital, Dome-customized digital

Seeing is believing.

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