Inspire Friday Issue No. 46

The Solido IMAX camera, surfing in Tofino, comedy wildlife photography, a bride delivers a calf on her wedding day, and more…

The Solido 3D IMAX Camera. To capture the large-scale engineering marvels seen in Dream Big: Engineering Our World (streaming here), our team relied on the Solido IMAX camera, itself an impressive bit of engineering, which captures the highest quality 3D images in existence. While not easy to transport at 329 pounds, it’s worth the hassle to get such incredibly immersive visuals. Watch here.

Connecting with nature and surf in Tofino. When Gisele Bruhwiler moved to Tofino in British Columbia, Canada decades ago, it was just a small fishing  and logging village. Now, it’s a popular destination for surfers, travelers, glampers and luxury vacationers.  In the soulful 3-minute film Primitive, Gisele narrates the story (in her charming Quebec French) of her family and how her sons and grandson became surfers. More than a surfing film, though, its a meditation on the connection her family shares with nature and the ocean. Watch here.

Early entries for the funniest wildlife photos. Every year for seven years running, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards showcase the funniest, spontaneous, unscripted moments from the animal kingdom. Competition organizers recently released a few of this year’s early submissions, including “Monday Morning Mood” (pictured above) by Andrew Mayes. Amateur and professional photographers have until June 30th to submit their photographs for this year’s contest. Read more.

Bride helps deliver calf on wedding day. Australian dairy farmers Ben and Jessa Laws had an unusual crasher at their wedding reception. Halfway through the celebration, one of their cows went into labor, and when the birth didn’t go as planned, Jessa left immediately to assist, still wearing her wedding dress. Luckily, both the cow and calf are fine. Jessa’s wedding dress, however, is not.  Watch here

Young environmentalists win film contest. Middle schoolers Annabelle VanderMarck and Piper Lasater took home the Nautilus Science Prize from the Redford Center Stories film contest for their short film One Step Closer about the status of sea stars, urchins and kelp along the West Coast.  Founded by actor Robert Redford as a way to foster the power of storytelling through film in young people, this year’s contest drew more than 400 entries.  Which means 400 more students advocating for nature!  Watch here.

Every week, MFF president Shaun MacGillivray shares what is inspiring him now, his favorite book recommendations, podcasts, articles, short films, docs, quotes, trends, innovative companies, people, and entrepreneurial stories.

Future White House pandemic planning. “This is a great podcast interview with Michael Lewis, author of the new book The Premonition: A Pandemic Story, a nonfiction thriller about what went wrong in the U.S. during the pandemic, and how we can prevent future crises. Super fascinating.” Available here.

The Apple vs. Epic Games legal battle. “I’ve been following the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, the maker of Unreal Engine and the popular game Fortnite. I find it very interesting that Epic does not want to pay the up-to-30% cut Apple requires for all apps downloaded through its App Store, accusing Apple of essentially operating like a monopoly. The trial just ended and now it is up to the judge to make a decision. Here is an interesting article about the case.” Read more.

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Going on a movie tour. “In 1967, after making our first movie together, Jim and I took the movie on tour, narrating it with a Huntley Brinkley-like routine. Jim would be on one side of the stage with the microphone and I would be on the other, and we’d tell our stories back and forth. Because the film was better than any other project we had done individually, we were invited to go on some smaller television programs, to promote the screenings. In Miami, the big local show was a teenage afternoon show modeled after Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. We showed clips from the film, told behind-the-scenes stories about filming in South America and Hawaii, and tried to be as funny as we could be. Jim was always more natural and relaxed, while I was shy and nervous. The black and white shoes I wore for these engagements were a way for people to tell us apart. I still wear those shoes to special events today. The shows, including the live, in-person narration that we delivered every night, taught us how to present stories to audiences, make people laugh, get people engaged, and even how to make people cry. While making Free and Easy, Jim and I established our style and persona that continued over the decades.”— Greg MacGillivray

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