Greg MacGillivray

Chairman / Film Director

Greg has been producing and directing award-winning films for more than 40 years. He started making films when he was just 13 and partnered with Jim Freeman to form MacGillivray Freeman Films in 1966. He loves the continual chess game of making a film, where each move affects every element. Today, he has more than 50 films to his credit, including over 35 IMAX productions.

Since the 1976 production of his first IMAX Theatre film, To Fly!, Greg has produced some of the most enduring films in the giant-screen genre. He has shot more 70mm film than anyone in cinema history and is the first documentary filmmaker to reach the $1 billion benchmark in worldwide ticket sales. Greg has received two Academy Award nominations for Best Documentary Short Subject: first in 1995 for The Living Sea, and second in 2000 for Dolphins. In 2002, the Giant Screen Theater Association honored Greg as one of the five most important contributors to the success of the industry. That same year, Greg accepted the Bradford Washburn Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Museum of Science in Boston, for his contribution to science education.

One of the best parts of his job is that it has allowed him to spend his life sharing filming adventures with his family and film team. He’s been everywhere, but among the coolest places he’s travelled are Tibet in 1980, which he describes as “rough and raw,” like the old west; Irian Jaya (New Guinea) in 1984 where he experienced the stone-age cultures; and Costa Rica, for the amazing surfing (except when Shaun was bitten by a shark!).

A passionate ocean conservationist, Greg and his wife Barbara founded the One World One Ocean Foundation, a non-profit public charity dedicated to educating and inspiring the public through giant-screen films and companion programming about the need to take action to protect the world’s ocean. Greg also serves on the Board of Directors for The Great Park in Orange County and Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue, as well as the Laguna Playhouse and Laguna Art Museum.

If you’d like to book Greg for a speaking engagement, please contact Cat Seda at or 949-494-1055.

Shaun MacGillivray

President / Producer

Shaun’s been on filming expeditions around the world since he was in diapers, but it wasn’t until a trip to Palau at the age of 13 that he realized that his dad’s passion for storytelling was in his blood. He was snorkeling on the “set” when he encountered a giant grouper (think the size of a refrigerator), then months later got to watch the fervent reaction of kids in the theatre who were watching The Living Sea—seeing on the giant screen what he was able to experience underwater first hand. It dawned on him: “A. My dad has a pretty cool job. And B. Maybe if I am lucky, I could do this when I grow up.”

Since then, Shaun has produced the award-winning 3D giant-screen films Journey To The South PacificTo The Arctic and Grand Canyon Adventure, and is currently producing National Parks Adventure and We, the Marines. Shaun leads the company’s Business Development and Partnership team and has successfully raised more than $40 million in funding for IMAX educational films in the last 3 years. Shaun received a MFA degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California. He and his wife Katie live in Laguna Beach with their three children. He can’t wait to take them all on expeditions and show them the wonders of nature firsthand.

If you’d like to book Shaun for a speaking engagement, please contact Cat Seda at or 949-494-1055.

Kathy Almon

Director of Special Projects

Around the office, Kathy is known as the person who can be counted on to get the job done, no matter what it takes. That’s probably because she’s not afraid to ask…and can talk her way into anything. Kathy’s been a positive force on the team since 1987 and has over 28 years of experience in large-format project development, film production, and film marketing. She oversees the music and narrator talent recruitment for the films, recently securing the participation of Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Helen Mirren, Paul McCartney and Dave Matthews Band. She still gets a charge when an A+ artist connects to a project because she knows that matching the right voice and music to the stunning imagery is a showstopper. But the most rewarding part of her job is watching young underserved school kids—who have never experienced an IMAX film, let alone a regular theatre film—see a MacGillivray film for the first time. Kathy was the project manager behind the award-winning films The Living Sea, (Academy Award-nominated) and Everest (highest grossing large format documentary) and managed the multi-city, multi-speaker education series for Dolphins (Academy Award-nominated). When she’s not working, you can find Kathy hiking, reading, skiing or cooking, as well as juggling the schedules of two busy teenagers. She does make time for sleep, coffee and a few moments of meditation—and she needs it!

Shauna Badheka

Distribution Coordinator

Growing up in Laguna, Shauna has been a fan of MacGillivray Freeman Films for as long as she can remember. She studied Marine Science and Conservation at Berkeley and joined the Distribution team in 2014. She works closely with the theatres that play our films and loves that everyone in the company is part of the creative process. She loved working on the Educator Workshop for Humpback Whales—seeing firsthand how our films can lead into hands-on science. If Shauna wasn’t working for MacGillivray, she’d be working in a museum or aquarium…showing one of our films!

Chip Bartlett

Director of Distribution Media & Technology

Chip oversees physical distribution, foreign language production, as well as the transfer, reformatting and distribution of our films to all home video platforms. Chip began his career in live news and sports after attending USC’s Annenberg School for Communication. He eventually moved into television and film production at Warner Bros., Dreamworks, and Paramount working across the spectrum of production with writers, producers, directors and editors. Chip joined the company in 2006, after producing a giant screen recreation of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination filmed at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. He has been married for 15 years to his college sweetheart and they spend every Fall watching with USC football together.

Debbie Bergin

Accounting Assistant

Debbie was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, but now calls Aliso Viejo home. She’s been an invaluable member of the Accounting team since 2010, following a 27-year stint in advertising. She counts Niagara Falls as the most breathtaking sight she’s seen in the U.S. Debbie’s biggest weakness is Starbucks, but she claims she only drinks one cup a day!

Steven Burnette

Producer of Digital Content & Special Projects

Steven joined the team in 2014 and was in awe the first time he got to work on 35mm film. He manipulates amazing footage from the shoots to create supporting content from sizzle reels to featurettes to behind-the-scenes videos. He moonlights as a music instructor, teaching drums and guitar to children in the back half of a vinyl record store. His biggest weakness is Sidecar Doughnuts in Newport Beach and he can likely beat you at chess.

Mary Jane Dodge

Senior Project Director

A veteran of the giant screen industry, Mary Jane began working with Greg back in 1980 when she launched To Fly! in her first IMAX theatre. For 20 years, she worked on the theatre side of the industry, overseeing the successful launch and operation of numerous IMAX theatres including Boston’s Museum of Science and the Denver Museum of Natural History, and consulting for over 28 different institutions around the world including the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Science in Barcelona. She also helped develop the commercial giant screen theatre industry by launching and operating the first commercial IMAX theatre in New York City, where she premiered Everest. In 2006, she joined MacGillivray to develop strategic business partnerships, sponsorship opportunities and play a role in the marketing and distribution of films. It was meant to be. Now her job is to tell the world why they have to go see an MacGillivray film on the largest and best IMAX screens in the world. At MacGillivray, she’s discovered the incredible teamwork it takes to make a film and loves being in the office the first day the crew gets back from a big shoot to hear all their stories firsthand. A native of Fargo, North Dakota, she loves snorkeling in Laguna Beach, visiting India (where her husband is from), and can be bribed with maple cookies.

Jeff Girard

Design Director

Since 1991, Jeff has helped develop the visual identity of MacGillivray Freeman Films, producing award-winning print and digital products including film posters, websites, educational guides and marketing materials. Jeff is a true renaissance man whose design skills extend to glassblowing, pottery, jewelry making and woodworking. When he’s not crafting, he’s adventuring: Jeff is a world-traveled surfer, climber and backpacker. Jeff has designed books and periodicals for The Surfer’s JournalSurfer Magazine, Quiksilver, Hurley, and the Laguna Art Museum. Jeff makes time everyday for prayer and sit-down meals with his family.

Bob Harman

Director of Distribution

Bob Harman began his career at MacGillivray Freeman Films in 1997, following 8 years as President of Lee and Associates Commercial Real Estate Services in Irvine, California. Prior to that he was the Western Regional Sales Manager for Xerox Medical Systems in Pasadena, California. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Oregon and a Master’s degree in Finance from California State University Long Beach. He served for 3 years as a Finance Officer in the US Army. He has been happily married for over 30 years to his wife Doña and they have three grown children and two grandchildren who are the “lights of their lives.”

Doña Harman

Sales Representative

Doña joined the Distribution team in 2015, but feels like she’s been here longer—for the past 18 years, she’s followed her husband, Bob, around in the industry and “talked shop” with him over a glass of wine at the end of each day. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of California, Irvine and has no shortage of sales experience. She spent 15 years as a senior communications consultant serving the pharmaceutical industry, both in the US and internationally, owned a Laguna Beach needle arts business, and, in conjunction with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, developed and taught a selling skills course to real estate agents across Southern California. Doña is a knitter and needlepointer, but also a body surfer and a speed demon on a mountain bike! The most important part of her job here at MacGillivray: Providing great service to our clients and partners!

Steve Judson

Vice President of Film Production & Post Production

aka Secret Weapon

Steve landed at MacGillivray in 1982 because “no one else would hire me.” (We’re glad we did.) After editing more than two dozen films for the company over the past 30 years, Steve now prefers to pass along his giant screen editing experience to “younger editors with more brain cells.” He has directed six of the company’s films, co-directed others and has lent his screenwriting talents to ten films, including the Academy Award-nominated Dolphins. His skills as a producer, director and writer helped shape the company’s smash hit Everest (which he also edited), for which he was voted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. On every film, the central focus of his work is always visual storytelling—making the films creative, engaging, eye-opening, informative, funny, musically compelling and visually breathtaking. Steve commutes “five long blocks” to the office, from the arts and crafts bungalow his neighbors call “the house that eBay built.” He makes time for daydreaming (and coffee) every day.

Barbara MacGillivray

Director of Research

Barbara and Greg met in the 9th grade—she sold tickets for his first surfing film—and making films has always been a part of their relationship. Over the years she has worked multiple capacities with production and post-production of the films, bringing their two children, Meghan and Shaun, along with them whenever possible on film shoots. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Barbara has also worked for 30 years in Children, Youth Services for the Orange County Health Care Agency as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She counts doing the science research for Journey to the South Pacific as the coolest thing she’s done at MacGillivray, which included filming the last stand of the Pacific Leatherback Turtles in Wermon, West Papua and swimming with the whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay. But the best part of her job is being with her family, doing what she loves: making films with messages about conservation and education.


Greeter / Lunch Companion / Stress Reliever

Bella has been the faithful canine companion to Greg and Barbara MacGillivray for the past 9 years. She can be found wandering the office, looking for love, or in her favorite spot: by Barbara’s feet. Described as the most perversely intelligent dog in the universe, she is spoiled by all. If she wasn’t an office pup, she would be a professional dog-treat tester. She loves FOOD, head rubs, and her trusty chauffeur, Barbara.

Meghan MacGillivray Weil

Production Manager / Social Media Manager

Meghan grew up in Laguna Beach surrounded by the ocean and a film legacy. Daughter to Greg and Barbara MacGillivray, Meghan has worked at MacGillivrary basically her entire life, even working part-time while attending Culinary School in Austin. And with parents like hers, she’s been on adventures all over the globe from New Zealand to Cambodia. Currently, Meghan makes sure every shoot goes off without a hitch—a tricky job when Greg decides to change the location with a few weeks notice! Production management is tough, but keeps her immersed in all of the action. When she’s not working, Meghan can be found on the beach, mountain biking, reading (crazy fast), playing with her son Kellan, or cooking, of course.

Matthew Muller

Post Production Coordinator

A 15-perf 70mm veteran, Matthew Muller has helped realize all of MacGillivray Freeman’s giant screen films since joining the company in 1981, and is proud to work on films that have great beauty and a great message. He currently oversees negative handling from developing through negative cutting, answerprinting and the making of protection elements. He works closely with CGI vendors and film-finishing facilities to ensure that what the director and editor envision is realized on the giant screen. Matthew enjoys photography in his free time and drinks way too much coffee!

Brad Ohlund

Director of Photography

Brad Ohlund has worked in the IMAX industry for 25 years. As Director of Photography, his projects with MacGillivray Freeman Films include Everest, Dolphins, Adventures in Wild California, Journey Into Amazing Caves, Coral Reef Adventure, Mystery of the Nile, Greece: Secrets of the Past, Hurricane on the Bayou, Grand Canyon Adventure and Arabia. After attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, Ohlund began his career with the classic film To Fly! Since then, his broad and varied assignments have included filming underwater reefs in the South Pacific and primitive tribes in New Guinea and Borneo. He has filmed from a plane, through the eye of a hurricane and captured on IMAX film the fury of an approaching tornado.

Jason “JP” Paul

Editor / Director of Digital Content & Special Projects

While working at Six Flags for actual income, JP started his career doing everything he could connected to the film industry from set PA to grip to electrician to associate producer to editor to sound designer to post production supervisor. He landed a role at Marvel as post PA for Captain America in 2010, which cemented his love for filmmaking. He joined MacGillivray full-time in 2011 and has done some pretty cool things, including design the audio and visual assets for the interactive, traveling museum exhibit “Sea Monsters Revealed.” Seeing kids interacting with the submarine and ship deck environments he created was an incredible payoff—his favorite part of this job is watching people react to his work. JP comes from a highly musical family, writes music and plays piano and trumpet, and also loves to cook and bake. He’s still holding onto his dream of being a hockey player…a little bit…but is pretty content to be here at work. And he’s always here.

Lori Rick

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Lori joined MacGillivray in 1998 following a 10-year career in book publishing. She is responsible for all aspects of the company’s corporate and film marketing. In addition to developing each film’s marketing campaign, she also works with corporate and NGO partners, including Coca Cola, Teva, Porsche and World Wildlife Fund, to activate their film campaigns. Lori also manages the company’s education program and book publishing projects and has overseen the publication of nine successful film tie-in books. Lori has a Masters degree in English from New York University.

Jason Stearns

First Assistant Editor

Jason is a Laguna Beach native who started as a summer intern in 2007 and never left! He’s pitched in in many different ways, but his top MacGillivray moment (so far) was meeting Steven Spielberg while working on a shoot for Hollywood Don’t Surf.

Victoria Stokes

Accounting Manager

Victoria joined MacGillivray in 1998 after answering an ad for “Laguna Beach film company.” She admits she was a bit suspect of what type of garage operation she might stumble upon, but decided to check it out anyway. If she hadn’t, she’d be an astronaut. Victoria is sure the most important part of her job is payroll….we agree. She enjoys reading and crafting and has a weakness for chocolate.

Robert Walker

Cameraman / Associate Editor

Rob, a south Orange County native and self-described adrenaline junky, began his career in giant screen filmmaking for MacGillivray in1992. Rob’s been involved in countless MacGillivray projects from location to post production. His varied workload has taken him from behind the editing machines to being launched off an aircraft carrier, rappelling into caves, climbing some of the highest peaks in Northern California, mountain biking with Marla Streb, rafting down the Nile River and hiking the rims of volcanoes in Greece. Known as the “McGyver” of MacGillivray, one of the most important things Rob does is maintain the camera department and keep all the gear running smoothly. Rob spends his free time with his family—he’s been married to his high school sweetheart for 22 years and they have two teenage children.

David Zucker

Digital Content Editor

It’s difficult to pinpoint what sparked David’s passion for filmmaking, but once he saw National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets for the first time, it was on. Hailing from the quaint suburbs of Philadelphia, David spent several years freelancing as a cinematographer and editor on documentary projects around the country and abroad, before starting at MacGillivray Freeman in 2015, where he is now Digital Content Editor. David is known around the office for bringing sardines for lunch, his eerily accurate Christopher Walken impression, and for spearheading the wildly successful 2016 Bachelorette fantasy draft. He looks forward to the day when the company invests in a larger refrigerator.

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