“National Parks Adventure” Signs Expedia, Inc. as Global Sponsor

MacGillivray Freeman Films and Brand USA are pleased to announce Expedia, Inc. as the first global sponsor and exclusive online travel activation partner
for “ National Parks Adventure,” a new film for IMAX® and other giant-screen theatres that celebrates the nation’s great outdoors. Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films in association with Brand USA, the film is scheduled for global release on February 12, 2016 to coincide with the centennial of the National Park Service next year.

Through this multi-million dollar partnership, Expedia, Inc., one of the world’s largest travel companies with a brand portfolio of leading online travel brands in more than 70 countries, will bring worldwide film marketing support to both domestic and international exhibitors.

“Expedia is a leader in the online travel world, and their partnership will mean increased worldwide marketing and attention for the film,” said Shaun MacGillivray, producer of “National Parks Adventure” and president of MacGillivray Freeman Films. “Expedia’s global network of world travelers represents the perfect audience for our film, and together we look forward to delivering an unforgettable movie experience that will bring America’s treasured wilderness and vast, untamed beauty to viewers everywhere.”

“There are few things that highlight America as a vacation destination like our great national parks,” said Noah Tratt, global senior vice president, Expedia Media Solutions. “Expedia is thrilled to be part of this innovative way of reaching and inspiring people around the world to travel to the U.S. to
experience our national treasures in person.”

“Our partnership with Expedia aligns Brand USA and our great outdoors platform with a proven vehicle to drive and activate travel to the U.S.,” said Christopher L. Thompson, Brand USA’s president and CEO. “With the global reach of Expedia and the international release of the giantscreen film, we expect the impact of this partnership to truly move the needle.”

Brand USA, the destination-marketing organization for the United States, is also planning a multimillion dollar international marketing initiative for the film and plans to use “National Parks Adventure” as the centerpiece of its Great Outdoors campaign in 2016 and beyond.

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